Deb Callahan – If The Blues Had Wings (2002)

Deb Callahan - If The Blues Had Wings (2002)
Artist: Deb Callahan
Album: If The Blues Had Wings
Genre: Blues/Soul
Origin: USA
Year Of Release: 2002
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Mama’s Curse, Mama’s Blessing 04:24
Can’t Watch You Bleed 03:08
More Love 03:47
Any Kinda Man 00:18
Burning Bridges 02:57
Out There 04:01
Coffee Grind 03:25
Broken Down Man 04:15
Something Bad 03:48
Little Drops Of Water 00:21
If Your Man Messes Up 04:56
Tell Me 04:15
Just Another Victim 02:33
Positively 4th Street 04:24


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