Billy Cox – Old School Blue Blues (2011)

Billy Cox - Old School Blue Blues (2011)
Artist: Billy Cox
Album: Old School Blue Blues
Genre: Blues Rock
Origin: USA
Year Of Release: 2011
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Rockin And Rollin On [00:04:03]
Old School Blue Blues [00:04:04]
I’mma Pilgrim [00:04:16]
Woke Up With That [00:04:55]
You Can’t Tell [00:03:50]
The Last Gypsy Standing [00:03:23]
A Day Late And A Dollar Short [00:03:08]
A Special Kind Of Woman [00:03:30]
Train Stops Here [00:04:05]
Mamacita [00:04:33]
The Magic Of Dance [00:04:37]
Rockin And Rollin On – Part II [00:05:51]


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